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Filled with jazzy inversions and psychedelic bluesy breakdowns the Battle Of Britain Memorial Sausage EP really reflects the diversity in Crushed By Pimps' songwriting. From the energetic opening hi-hats of Makes You Think to the leisurely come down at the end of Benjamin Refuses To Die, you're guaranteed to go on a real journey with this one!

Grab a CD or Download on our Bandcamp page and you'll also get exclusive remixes of all 4 tracks - The Ivory Mixes!


Crushed By Pimps debut album in 2018 was one of the most important records of its time, capturing perfectly a post financial crash, post-brexit, pre-dystopian world where where political uncertainty and celebrity culture dominated the headlines, while heightened anxiety and new class wars kept the public from reacting.


Regrouping to spend some time in the studio between covid lockdowns in 2020 the band recorded 9 brand new tracks which would go on to be released through Lights And Lines.


The critically acclaimed single Pimps Run Free was the first in the CBP 'Trolley Trio', picking up the threads the general dissonance explored in the debut album and bringing it up to date in the context of the pandemic. A mix of poetic nuance and anger with layers of satire and a whole load of NOISE really help hit the nail on the head with this one.


Originally released in 2021 Pimps Run Free was later re-released with a brand new video as part of the Lights And Lines Summer Singles series in 2022. 

The Space Between The Eyebrows EP followed, bringing with it 4 more fast-paced, face melting tales of incongruence, disarray, and regression from South London's most prominent post-punk poets.

The EP continues to walk the line of presenting thought provoking, dystopian songs whilst offering amazing entertainment value at the same time! Listeners were treated to a mix of post-hardcore, punk, and prog with big bulging bass lines, seething guitars, and mighty drums. 

The Battle Of Britain Memorial Sausage EP completes the trilogy, offering a more open sound with winding guitar solos and bluesey breakdowns. The EP hints at a more experimental direction that we're excited to see the Pimps travel towards as they continue their musical journey... who knows what the future will hold, but we're excited to find out!

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