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We're asking YOU to REMIX Bitter Shine by GRIM17 for the opportunity to win some great prizes. You can choose to do a #BitterGrimRemix or a #ShineGrimRemix (or both!)

Entries close on 29th July 2022 at Midnight (UK Time) - here's what we're asking you to do...

Bitter Shine Remix.png

Listen to GRIM17's latest single, Bitter Shine, on Bandcamp below.

Out everywhere on 29th July this is a guitar driven alternative track with a post-rock feel. There's even a guitar solo, but not as you might expect!

We're asking for 2 types of remix, you can choose to do one or both! Use the hashtags on social media to join the conversation and help spread the word.


How Bitter can you make this song sound? We're imagining dark, miserable, angry, sad, resentful, and aggrieved versions. But there really are no rules on how you interpret these so who knows.


Can you make the song Shine! From funky house to full on funk, or perhaps a pop-punk / ska twist with a full brass section and loads of hand claps! Let your imagination run wild and see what happens. Again - no rules! 

We've made the stems for this track available for you to do whatever you want with it! You can add things, remove things, change things, merge things, change the arrangement, and just basically mess around with it in whatever way you like! Feel free to make up your own title for your remix too.

We're going to add all the submissions to the single on Bandcamp so we'll effectively have loads of crowdsourced B-Sides for the world to hear!


And of course we'll put you in the credits along with a link to your own music or whatever you want to share.

What can I win?
It's not all about winning, but sometimes it's nice to have an incentive right?

We'll pick 2 winners for this - 1 for each remix category. The submissions we love the most will get a copy of GRIM17's album Digital Throw Up Part's 1 + 2 on CD, and a 12 month digital subscription to Lights And Lines.


The subscription gives you access to download our full back catalogue and everything we release for the next 12 months through our Digital Vault! 

How do I enter?

To enter all you have to do is send us a finished remix by midnight (UK time) on 21st July 2022. Please send entries as WAV files in a shareable format (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer etc) to

Please include your artist name, a link to your own music (or anything else you want to promote), and social media channels so we can credit you on the Bandcamp release page. We'll add remixes to the Bandcamp release as we receive them!

Feel free to share snippets of your work on social media using either the #BitterGrimRemix or #ShineGrimRemix hashtags and tag GRIM17 where you can. However, please don't upload versions to streaming platforms such as Spotify etc as our distributor will most likely take them down.

Useful stuff

BPM = 87

Key = F Major

Chorus = F F A G Bb C A G Bb (5th chords)

Bridge = F (5th)

Find out more about GRIM17 is this great interview with Sunshine Music iRadio!

The small print (actually it's not that small and kind of useful!)​

Competition closes and midnight UK time on 21st July 2022 and winner announced shortly afterwards. You can remix the song in any way you like, feel free to record new parts and/or take away / njot use stems. Stems are available in grouped component parts but we will consider further separation requests if asked. Finished entries must be sent as a WAV file in a shareable format (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer etc) to Please do NOT upload remixes to streaming platforms such as Spotify etc. Prizes: 12month Digital Subscription to the Lights And Lines Label and a GRIM17 CD. 12 month Digital Subscription includes digital download versions of everything released on Lights And Lines between July 2021 and July 2023. 

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