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Warning Signal are a 3 piece rock band with an impressive live sound fronted by 17 year old singer / guitarist and songwriter, Eva Sheldrake with Milo Hemsley on drums and Evie Montague on Bass. Founded in 2020 just before the world broke, like many independent bands their progress was almost immediately stymied.

Not wanting to let a good opportunity pass them by this determined young band completed their delayed first 3 track EP Shade of Blue as soon as they were able and released it independently across all streaming services.

So far the EP has been warmly received, attracting airplay from various from local and community based radio stations from across the UK, with Glasgow based DJ Reverend Jim predicting "A very bright future for Warning Signal"

The band have been compared to a harder edged version of the Cranberries, but are defiant of all comparisons, only interested in forging their own sound and identity as they continue to write, record, and release new music.  

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