My Octopus Mind - Elska

Check out the cool new video for Elska by Bristol based experimental three piece My Octopus Mind.


Elska is the first single from the debut album Maladyne Cave, which explores the concept of human nature’s need to control and manipulate in the context of love, war, politics and religion. A dredging of the soul in all its battles with being human. The inevitable failure of our conquest over the planet and ultimately an undiluted analysis of the self, allowing the subconscious to speak. The thoughts and feelings behind every song are not only apparent in the lyrical content, but are also very evident in the ambient, sometimes dark and hauntingly beautiful music that supports them.


Art really does imitate life for My Octopus Mind, and this is no more accurate than in the carefully chosen yet tongue in cheek title ‘Maladyne Cave’. Maladyne, a hybrid of Melodyne, an autotune software, laughing at the obsessive attention to detail in the creation process and Malady a sickness of the mind in relation to our modern culture. The Cave, a long, thin, dark room where the band recorded and spent most of their time for two years.


Maladyne Cave is due for release July 10th and will be available on all major platforms




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