Video Of The Week: Verity White - Come And Get It

I'll be honest with you, I'm not usually a fan of music videos with a 'story'. Basically the Foo Fighters nailed that whole thing with Learning To Fly and almost everything afterwards either appears convoluted, condescending, or is just not that well written. Think about all those metal band videos set in a wood with something scary / shocking / supposedly horrific happening in between cut backs to the band looking sad and playing their instruments with extraordinary emphasis on every note. Rubbish!


However, every now and again though something comes along that breaks the rules - a story based music video thats actually not only bearable, but great fun to watch! Verity White's latest single Come And Get It is one of those rulebreakers! This video manages to pull together the perfect balance of humour, silliness, and storytelling. It also perfectly illustrates the sadistic yet "picture perfect" world of social media described in the lyrics. Great job!


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