Review: Yesterday and Whole Of Me by Natalie Shay



Natalie Shay is a talented singer songwriter, and her new track Yesterday is another fantastic accolade to add to her library.


Natalie’s vocals stand out in the crowd. Yesterday is full of stunning vocal ranges that are a pleasure to the ears. It has a pop vibe that’s catchy and punchy at the same time, cleverly produced to show Natalie’s talent at its best.


Yesterday is pop guitars and synths layered on top of vocals that gel to the music perfectly. This talented songstress pulls a punch with Yesterday, in a gentile and musical river, where stunning vocals add that pinch of magic that makes a good song into a great track.




Natalie moves to an acoustic sound for Whole of Me, and its stunningly beautiful.


Lyrics come straight from the heart, passionate in their delivery. Natalie’s vocals so clear, so poignant so full of loves pain.


A gentle guitar played sympathetically around the vocals adding to the mood, mixing emotion with music, a perfect collaboration.


Whole Of Me is such a beautiful track coming deep from the heart full of soft melodies and stunning vocals. Natalie is a true genius and her lyrics are musical poetry.

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