The Theme release Hold Me on 15th February 2019



Hold Me ticks all the boxes from the first drum beat.


The hauntingly elegant vocals twist around the music, joined by harmonies in the chorus that tug even harder at the emotions. It’s a beautifully written lyrical piece, simple yet intensely deep and moving.


The guitars are rock infused with dashes of blues, riddled with fabulous heavy indie riffs. The guitar solo half way through the track is smooth, the vocals crescendo as the guitar fights for the centre stage. The drums holding everything expertly in place.



The Theme have created a masterpiece of lyrics, vocals and music bringing together everything that is magical about rock and indie. If you like it heavy then this is for you, if you like it indie then this is for you, and if you want to plug in and let the mood take you, then Hold Me will resonate with ease through your ears.  


I love it. Check out The Theme on their socials (Facebook @Thethemelive) listen to their music and get yourself off to a gig. Definitely one to watch.


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