Review: Cuecliché - Look At The Pictures

For those not familiar with Cuecliché - one of the best Pop-Punk bands out there at the moment - Look At The Pictures is the perfect introduction. Expect rapid fire drums, perfect palm-muting, skank-worthy choruses, perfectly pitched vocal harmonies, and don't forget to listen out for 'that solo' on Take It Away.


I was privileged enough to receive an early version of this amazing sophomore EP mid-way through last year, my reaction then was to phone Vocalist/Bass Player Terry Rytz to personally congratulate him on pulling off this sensational collection of tracks. Now that they've tweaked the mix a bit and finally released it I think I'm tempted to phone him again and reiterate how I feel - alas hopefully this review will get the point across! 


The interesting thing about this EP is the way that the band manage to keep the sound fresh, interesting, and exciting whilst maintaining some of the 'classic' pop-punk traits and not being at all subtle about their influences. 


The opening track Save Me captures this synergy perfectly blending elements of early Blink 182 and a bit of Emo with a heavy modern edge. The track is catchy, fun, and powerful all at the same time. Classic but modern, exciting but emotional - an absolute winner!


The younger punk version of me that went to see bands like Bouncing Souls and AFI in the early 2000s never left, and will never be disappointed to hear a track like Take It Away, the 2nd on the new EP. The metaller in me will never be disappointed to hear a solo like that either... I'm not even going to bother describing this one, just listen to it, you'd be mad not to love it!


Puzzle Piece continues with a fast mid 90s punk vibe, think Green Day's Insomniac era with a bit of Flogging Molly thrown in. It's difficult to pick a favourite track but this one is probably the most perfect pop-punk track released by anyone in years so it's right up there.


If you weren't pumped up by now you will be within about 3 seconds of hearing It's Over - this one is heavy!! Fat riffs, a cheeky neck slide, and a perfectly punctuated second guitar part boost this track over the fence into truly epic territory. You will be headbanging - but you'll also be singing along!


Finally, presumably to give your neck and your neighbours a rest, Prince Of Nowhere gives Cuecliché the opportunity to show off their piano skills with this heroic tale. I've always thought a decent ballad should still have a bit of punk in it, I think my point has been proven here.


One of the strongest, most accomplished, and perhaps more importantly FUN punk EP's I've heard in a long time.I'd be surprised if this year's top 10 has more than 9 spaces left by the time we get around to writing it up in December - this will be difficult to beat.


Check out Look At The Pictures here.





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