Review: Sam Tier live at Chapter 12


Sam Tier is a singer songwriter from East Sussex who has performed locally, nationally and internationally.


Chapter 12 is in Hailsham and is a local venue that regally has artists. Chapter 12 is a great place to grab a coffee and a bite to eat or turn up for evening cocktails.


The bar was busy and vibrant, the clientele ecliptic and the atmosphere buzzing. Sam set up for an 8pm start with amp and semi acoustic guitar dressed in jeans and t-shirt, looking relaxed with a large pinch of excitement. The audience was full of friends and family as well as fans of Sam’s music.


Sam Tier is an extraordinary and talented songwriter. His tracks are full of thought-provoking lyrics that hold your ears wide open. Passion, sadness, joy and loneliness, emotions raw and heartfelt.



As we sat through the first set, we were drawn in by the stunning simplicity, a man his guitar and songs that touched everyone in the room. The audience whistled and shouted with appreciation. Playing the infinitely recognisable chords of a Bob Dylan track, Sam took his own take on this classic. Songs were requested and the audience was singing along.


In the interval we had the please of chatting with Sam. An unassuming man with a passion for song writing, seemingly unaware of the talent he has for setting a room alight with his beautiful lyrics.


The second set was filled with more gorgeous melodies, composed with an extraordinary twist that fills the room with soft guitar and perfect vocals, a room full of ambience.





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