Review: Angel Cage's new album 3D SUPER WOOFER


Opening with Someone Else’s Girl, Jean Hare and Robin Key showcase the collaboration that is Angel Cage. The track spins and turns infused with haunting vocals and different tempos. Harmonies and a back beat that ebbs and flows through the track.


Real Violence starts with brass and then moves into a medley of sounds. The vocals twist around the instruments allowing the musicality to come through. Yet the dance beat still holds the stage. It has got a real mix of old 40s feel and modern magic. Love it.


The mood changes with More Than A Good Friend. Soft, sultry and elegant. Jean’s vocals are beautiful with heartfelt lyrics. This track has true decorum.


Back to the beat with What in The World. So different so intricate. Jean’s voice is the focal, using deep pitches and a backing vocal. The space age synths weaving through the track. Tiny Tiny continues the dance feel with its fast-paced beats.


Angel Cage create a slice of SCAR with Intercept an Angel. It’s got that laid-back beat with a fuse of SCAR guitar. The vocals are awesome and move perfectly through the backdrop of beats and sounds. I love this track.


The clever use of keys in Yesterdays leads on to the smooth feel of Cold Cold Heart. The lyrics making the mood of the track. Moving onto Stranger which has a haunting dance feel.



Jean creates big band vocals in Seventh of the Eighth. This track is stunningly produced and full of passion. Showing the magic touch of Robin Key as the music oozes around the vocals. Every time I listen to this track, I hear a different sound. It’s amazing.


And so, we move to The Last Song. Punchy keys and that Angel Cage back beat with a slice of brass thrown in. The brass takes the limelight amongst the fabulous medley of sounds and beats. The vocals laid back yet forceful. An end track showing the talent that made this album.


Angel Cage have it all. Perfect vocals from Jean Hare hitting the notes with cool precision. Intricate and thoughtful musical harmonies that bring the tracks to life. Robin Key is a maestro on the mixing desk.


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