Review and Interview: Dr Danny with his new single Baby Can’t Lie




Dr Danny flies over the pond for the Fresh Lenins Health gig at the Hope & Ruin in Brighton on the 26th January, also playing will be Just Like Fruit and Magpie.



The multi-talented Dr Danny has audiences dancing in the isles with his energetic rock and roll style. His tracks are full of guitars, drums and that rock and roll twist that gets audiences dancing.


Baby Can’t Lie has Dr Danny stamped all over it. Catchy lyrics sung with boundless energy.   Dr Danny is a magician on the keys, mix then in to give a southern state ambience. Not just guitar solos stealing the show but let the drummer into the limelight too, awesome. Baby Can’t Lie is a collaboration of musicality held together by Dr Danny’s unique 60s infused rock and roll style. Its great to hear the instruments working together to create this energetic sound, its musical sunshine.






Interview with Dr Danny



Are the audiences different to US audiences?

The audiences in the UK are absolutely different from US shows in every way possible. UK shows have proven to be better attended, and more energetic throughout. They really appreciate the nuances and uniqueness of upcoming bands. The UK crowd has never failed to amaze me every show. 


What’s your favourite restaurant chain in the UK? 



What stuff do you expect in the Green Room?

I expect bananas, tea, chocolate, Soda Pop, Red Bull, salad, cold cuts 


Who are your influences?

The Lemon Twigs, Sunflower Bean, My Chemical Romance, The Beach Boys, Cut Worms, 


Have your parents told you to get a proper job yet?

No they are SUPER TIGHT and it’s LIT 


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