Review: Luna Blue’s Tropical Launch party


Luna Blue hosted a launch party at The Prince Albert with the release of Tropical. And a party it was. The gig was SOLD OUT and filled with an enthusiastic crowd of music lovers. The Prince Albert is a fantastic venue.  It has an ecliptic clientele with a myriad of beers. The décor is shabby Victorian, and it oozes with style. The gig room is at the top of well-worn stairs, where gig goers have trod for years. The sound engineer is a master of his craft and to top it all there’s a bar upstairs too.



 We arrived as Maisy Joan started her set. Walking up the stairs we could hear Maisy’s beautiful soul voice sewn together with a laid-back blues twist. The room was heaving all eyes fixed at the stage, the crowd mesmerized by the lone artist with guitar in hand. What a fantastic singer songwriter, with deep and heartfelt lyrics wrapped up with acoustic guitar swirls, that painted the room with musical art. Folk, Jazz, Blues and Soul whatever ticks your box Maisy will not disappoint. Great start to the evening.







Next up Elephant Radio with guitars, drum and keys, we’ve been waiting to see Elephant Radio live for a while now, we love every track they release. Its such a sound, full of those lovely pop indie guitars that fill the room with a dust of music magic,


Joe on lead guitar and Seb on bass pull the sound together, held tightly by the awesome drummer Liam, infused with keys from Archie and of course a second guitar and lyrics vocalised by the front man Freddie.


The tracks are full of harmonies and the pop indie sound that makes you dance. California has such a 90s feel. Stunning vocals and harmonies with the keys and drums partnering with guitars to give an indie pop masterpiece, it’s got to be my favourite track.




Not to out shadow Say Nothing with its summertime feel and fantastic chorus, where Elephant Radio create a feel-good factor. Not to put Hideaway out of the picture either, a love song fused with mixed tempos and accomplished musicality.


Elephant Radio had the crowd eating out of their hands. The crowd loved them, we loved it and the room was smoking.











The stage cleared, guitars leaving and arriving, bands mingling with the crowd, you could feel the anticipation. King Kuda had arrived in the gig room.


The guitars started, then entered the drum followed by sultry vocals, I was hooked. The rooms heartbeat pulsed as the glorious sound of guitars, drums, synth and vocals weaved its way amongst us, hypnotising the room. I realised I was dancing as was everyone else. The lyrics are heartfelt and pull on emotional strings, yet the riffs intricate and vocals stunning which together is the magic ingredient which make King Kuda a pleasure to watch and listen to.


The bass takes the lead in Lately, a fast track with phenomenal drums. King Kuda’s unique dream wave style setting the room on fire. All Or Nothing moves through a maze of musicality and emotions. Powerful, hard yet gentle and soft. Wildflower is full of synth and beautiful vocals, I absolutely loved it. It has everything from deep bass to singing guitars and very sensual sounds, with a crescendo chorus, awesome.


All too soon we were at the end, the room was overflowing with praise for what had been a truly amazing gig so far, King Kuda adding to the fire. See King Kuda with your own eyes and ears it’s a must!









The final act, headliners and hosts of the night, bringing the stage alight Luna Blue. Luna Blue are showcasing their new release Tropical. Pop Indie Rock with a cherry topping of funk. Full bodied, energetic guitars and a bass that smashes the floor and bounces off the drums with expert precision. Toms vocals full of lyrics that roll with the music, hitting the high notes and tempo changes. Luna Blue are great songwriters and work together to create a mixed collaboration of music, lyrics, vocals and entertaining stage presence. Interacting with the crowd, inflatable beach balls as part of the Tropical backdrop bounced around the room.


Borrowed Words swept through the room, it was getting hot. Harmonies and high notes, guitar a little grungy and that Luna Blue sparkle that makes every track unique.


Announcing Tropical the audience cheered. It’s a great track. The track starts with a guitar solo then the drums force their way in, and the laid-back bass seeps into the mixture the vocals fast and full of passion. Punchy, catchy, smooth and decadent. The incredible high notes, the dance beat, that summer feel, spun with a silver thread of Luna Blue magic.


Magicians or musicians, is there a difference?



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