Review of the new Album: Sesh. Love. Sun. Style by Tiger Bay


Tiger Bay is a collaborative project created by Brad Hunter. Creating a new music scene in Cardiff. Bringing together talented musicians in an artistic way.


Sesh. Love. Sun. Style is the new Album release by Tiger Bay, what an indie gem it is.



The first track I Love It heavy with synth and feedback style guitars. Rocky with a serious indie twist. Brads smooth vocals complement the grungy guitars and slow drum beat. It’s a truly foot tapping start to a cracking album, full of passion and pain in love.


Partner In Crime starts with a picking acoustic guitar and vocals that pull at you immediately. Full of harmony and haunting sadness. The lyrics are beautiful and full of heartfelt anguish. It’s a love song. The softness of the music with deep south style keys solo adds to the composition. Put your earphones on, lay on the sofa and listen.


The tempo builds with Rum And Coke (from a plastic cup with a straw) its guitar brilliantness. Indie stamped all over it with punchy lyrics and drums that steal a piece of the limelight. Level upon level of sounds mixed with a slice of lemon, its sweet with a sharp rocky edge. This is how I like my Rum And Coke.


Finishing with So Edgy a throwback from the 80s with a sexy deep heavy guitar pushing the track. Lyrics pointing fingers at the faux pars of society with a kick in the face vocal style. This track is tough, uncompromising and I love it. It has the whole bundle. Well written vocals, harmonies and the undercurrent of trouble in the gorgeous heavy guitar riffs. You will not be disappointed with this one. Play it loud.





This is a fantastic collaboration of talent and passion for music. It tells a story and shows the varied and unique styles Tiger Bay can create.  It’s one for my playlist!



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