Live Review: This Feeling presents The Gallerys, Sunchamer and Basement Cat at the Tunbridge Wells Forum - 29 December 2018

 The Forum is a fantastic music venue. There is enough room for 250 so it has the feel of a big gig still having the charm of an intimate one. The acoustics are awesome helped by the exceptional sound engineer, who was quick to sort the next band out and produced a different unique set up for each band. The gig was sold out. The audience was ecliptic, different ages, different styles all with a passion for the new emerging artists headlining this showcase.


The professional photographers Briony Graham-Rudd Photography and Abigail Harris moved amongst the audience to get the best shots. The photos are amazing and capture the true essence of the gig.









Basement Cat bounced on the stage with an intense youthfulness that was electric.


Hard guitars and heavy bass with a noise that bounced off the ceiling. Full of energy and passion for the indie sound they play.

















In your face lyrics straight from the alternative scene spat out with arrogance. Yet with all the heavy riffs there was a melodic rhythm that drew in the crowd and made hands fly in the air and bodies jump. A great start to an indie alternative night full of the energy that left us all deaf yet smiling.









Out with the glitter, on the stage are Suncharmer. Leopard print trousers, the flamboyant lead singer graces the stage with individual flair, the audience in expectation.


We first saw Suncharmer at the Bees Mouth in Brighton a few months ago and loved their heavy indie sound ingrained with melody and powerful vocals. The Forum is a larger venue and Suncharmer did not disappoint.  




Each track took on a different tempo, the singing lead guitar playing solos, oozing out indie rock on a silver spoon, coated with honey. Sweet music to the ears.






The banging energetic drums and full verb bass left no prisoners in the room, but the vocals still rose above the guitars in defiance to take the limelight. 






This band work effortlessly together bringing a twisted indie riddled with rock sound to a very excited audience. Suncharmer strutted on stage and the audience danced and screamed in appreciation. A fantastic new discovery for 2018.








Headlining were The Gallerys, James Wood, Craig Barden and Dan Maggs. The Gallerys have just released their Lucid Trail EP and started their set with ‘Steady Beat', The Gallerys legendary harmonies filled The Forum with indie musicality. Their song writing skills shown at its best I loved it.


The Gallerys have been on the top of the new music scene in 2018 gigging around the UK and treating The Forum to showcases this year. We have seen them several times. As the set moved on, we were treated to some favourites from the Paisley EP, ‘You Don’t Really Love Her’ ‘Imperfect Perception’, the crowd singing along with the band.











The awesome ‘Dr Friend’ sung by the drummer Dan Maggs who can take the vocal reigns with style as well. Punchy lyrics stamped with a massive dose of fun and comedy. The Red Stripe were piling up and the crowd was screaming, I was at the front, this track always hits the mark.









Continuing with their fantastic Lucid Trail EP, the beautiful self-titled track my favourite from the EP. Acoustic guitar, soft indie riffs mixed with perfect harmonies and brushed drums, phones and lighters lighting the room in true crowd participation. Melodic ‘Shadow Street’ and the harmony showcase that is ‘Silver Lining’.  The Gallerys wowed the crowd and it felt like the whole room was a stage and we were part of it. We shouted for more and we were not disappointed as the band returned for one last track ‘Over the Bridge’. What an end to 2018.

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