A tribute to Lemmy


Last week I raised a cheeky glass (well, minature bottle) of JD in honour of the man, the legend, the epitome of rock and roll Mr Lemmy Kilmister who died 3 years ago (28th). 


In the early 2000s my Dad took me to see Motörhead for the first time explaining that he probably didn’t have much time left before he’d kick it so we ought to go an experience a Motorhead gig.


Many years, and many shows later Lemmy eventually did pass away and the world turned upside down. Bowie went a few months later and the whole planet went nuts with celebrities dying - presumably because they couldn’t live in a world that had no Lemmy or Bowie and was about to nominate Trump president of the so called free world. Or maybe just because they were old.


Nothing is the same since Lemmy went, but the legacy he left behind is unrivalled by anyone before or since. Pure rock n roll, no strings, no drama, no messing about - just great fun. The calls of “is it loud enough” always received a huge “NO” from the crowd despite the fact that your ears could be at the point of bleeding - and the volume always went up on request! 


Every gig I saw included an encore of Ace of Spades and Overkill. I remember at Hammersmith one year Lemmy growling into the microphone at the end of a show “stick around, you know what’s coming” - we did, and we loved it just a much as we ever did!


Rumours surrounding Lemme added to the mystery of his character…


‘The doctor once told Lemme that if he stopped taking speed his body wouldn’t be able to cope without it.’


‘Since he found out he’s got diabetes he’s switched from a bottle of JD with coke every day to 2 bottles of wine… he might not realise it’s still got loads of sugar in it!’


‘He stopped smoking cigarettes and started eating Blueberries. When the Doctors saw that he was putting on weight and found out why he went back to cigarettes - but this time a pack a week rather than 2 packs a day’


Who knows what was true - who cares?! It all added to the story of a man who lived his life in the only way he knew how, a proper rock n roll star.


Cheers Lemmy, lost but never forgotten. 






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