Review - Opens Arms debut EP Sunflowers. Released 7th December.



Open Arms are emerging artists from Birmingham who have released 2 singles which have been played on BBC Introducing, and have been widely acclaimed within the emerging artists music scene. Open Arms released their Debut EP Sunflowers on 7th December.


The EP opens with a short instrumental Start by Telling Me Your Name. This starts the EP with the magical sounds of synths with layers of electronic sounds. Beautifully put together with vocal overtones.


The first track Why Do You Want to Do That continues with the electronic layers and vocals. This track has a unique pop vibe incorporating the synths to give an original pop sound. The synth takes on the guise of an additional vocal mixing perfectly with the main vocals.


Honey has an undertone SKA feel, with punchy guitars and instrumentals. Giving that full sound of an awesome track. I love the feel of this, it still has the dance pop appeal with layers of other musical genres, and simple yet effective lyrics.


Mouth has that SKA style perfected, with the electronic layers taking a slight back seat to the superb guitar playing. The catchy chorus gets into your head and the guitars run rings around your ears. Fantastic.


The last track is Sunflowers. Showing their indie side Open Arms mix the last three tracks add a touch of indie and create a masterpiece. Stunning vocals and musicality with Open Arms signature pop synth, it’s awesome.


You can find Open Arms music on both YouTube and Spotify, plus their website Its an EP to be downloaded and listened to from beginning to end.


Wonderfully put together in an order that makes sense to the music. I’m looking forward to seeing Open Arms take on 2019 with the same zest as 2018. Open Arms stand out from the pop crowd.


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