Album review: Dannydangerously - The Isolation

Dannydangerously is a unique fusion of funk, rap, and rock, with some general tripped out weirdness thrown in for good measure!. And I'll be honest, I absolutely love these guys!


You know you're in from a treat with The Isolation when the opening line kicks in "I don't care about America, bullshit dumb fuck America" - whatever way you look at it, it's an attention grabber! The song is layered with the a sense of disappointment rather than anger at everything that's wrong with American culture today, exploring themes of gun violence, police shootings, and racism among others 


The opening track is swiftly followed by the Bowie-esque 3rd Person, providing a shift in pace with a bit of rock n roll swagger thrown in for good measure, take a look at the video below.

The album progresses with a variety of tunes fusing elements from multiple genres with thought provoking lyrics and some great beats,


My personal highlight is the track Private which blends great rock riffs and licks with futuristic electronic sounds and a driving industrial rhythm.

The production across the album is brilliant with lots of little easter eggs thrown in so that when you crank up the volume on your headphones there's a real depth to the sound.


Dannydangerously also gigs regularly either as a solo act or as part of a 3 piece band. Look out for the latest shows, including a full 2 hour set at The Royal Oak Crawley on 28th Dec where they'll be playing songs from the Isolation, other originals, a few covers for good measure and maybe even introducing some special guests!


I'm a big fan of Dannydangerously's unique style and ability to translate often complex themes into catchy, powerful songs. Fans of experimental artists like Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta, and Beastie Boys will love these guys - definitely worth checking out!The Isolation has been released on Spotify and all major platforms and coming to Bandcamp around Christmas (now that's a good present!)



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