Top 10 Albums / EPs 2018


Another year has passed (that went faaaasst!!) and once again I’ve had the pleasure of listening to hundreds, probably thousands, of new tracks this year through the New Music Saturday submissions. As always this means putting together a top 10 list has been a total nightmare! 


For those who don't know, my criteria are fairly simple:


  • Album's or EPs only - there are far too many singles to do a top 10 for them!

  • Released between 1st December 2017 and 30th November 2018 (the exception being pre-orders due out in December where I've had a preview of the album)

  • And finally, we're only looking at independent artists (as defined here)


If you didn't make the list and you feel you should have done don't worry, just tell everyone you were no.11, I'll back you up! 


In no particular order, my personal top 10 Albums or EPs of 2018 looks like this...I


  1. Caaw - The Emperor of San Francisco (Download | Stream)

  2. Shotgun 21 - Shoot From Your Hipflask (Download | Stream)

  3. Lemonade Kid - We Knew These Days Would Never Last (Download | Stream)

  4. 12 Hour Avenue - The Halfway Home EP (Download | Stream)

  5. Lutz - Nowherebound (Download | Stream)

  6. 40 Shillings On The Drum - Live at the Albert (Download | Stream)

  7. Crushed By Pimps - Crushed By Pimps (Download | Stream)

  8. Greenness - Cyclicity (Download | Stream)

  9. Dandelion Charm - Riding The Flood (Download | Stream)

  10. Without Andrew - Dead On Arrival (Download | Stream)

I highly recommend you go and check them all out, here's a selection of tracks from the list on SoundCloud:








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