Album review - Across The Sea debut album

"Once upon a time, a choir girl and a metalhead got stuck on an island, with nothing but a microphone, a guitar, and a pedalboard…"


This opening line on Across The Sea's website sums them up pretty perfectly. The extraordinary progressive duo have been buried away in their studio for the last few months recording new material and presumably militantly plotting out the incredible soundscapes that surround each track. The result - a fantastic debut album, Infinite Worlds, released on 7/12/18.


The smooth, haunting, and frankly breathtaking vocals of Hannah Katy Lewis are perfectly complimented by the tripped out, adventurous guitar parts effortlessly played by Pete Ferguson throughout. Combined they're a 2 piece that sound like a 10 piece!


Airy and atmospheric sounds fill the album adding depth to the frantic and urgent guitar riffs. Meanwhile Hannah's voice gently floats across the music like a cork bobbing up and down in rough seas.


At just 6 tracks with 3 of them being over 7minutes long I wasn't sure what to expect from this album. Will it be weird? Will I like it? Will I want more? Yes, yes, and yes in case you were wondering.


Take a look at this live version of my favourite track from the album, Speechless, and look out for the album release on all platforms from 7th December 2018.





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