Review - Chloe Leigh new EP 'In Bloom', launch on 8th December at the Hard Rock Café in London



Chloe is due to launch her new EP ‘In Bloom’ on the 8th December, in The Back-Room Bar at the Hard Rock Café London. The evening starts at 8pm and will be filled with musicality.


Chloe has created a five track EP full of memories and heartache, and it is an observation of the trial of love. She is more than a songstress, she is a poet, a wordsmith. Laying down her words to a bare unplugged guitar. A truly stunning EP.



The EP starts with Fine Old Lines the heartfelt lyrics entwine through the tragic undertones’ and is hauntingly sung by Chloe. An awesome opening to the In Bloom EP.


Far Too Heavy a track upbeat and empowering. Meandering like a train through hills and valleys it draws your heart back into life. The instrumental is timeless and folk driven and beautifully composed.


Paris is poetic with a French twist, Chloe’s voice is full of longing and regret, telling the story through music. ‘Paris’ is giving up and yet wanting to stay. She perfects the balance of fear, longing and passion in her beautiful voice.


You, tugs at my heart strings. The words’ you broke me’ hit hard, with the acoustic guitar cutting through the lyrics with an awesome mix of soft and hard chords. I would challenge any listener to not keep playing this track.


Finishing with Tired Eyes and turning the tides of assumed heartache rules of engagement. The backing vocals adding depth to the track as Chloe raises the bar to yet another vocal masterpiece. This track is full of gentle musical genius and lyrics that Chloe perfects.


This EP offers song writing at its best, beautiful acoustics with a pop folk feel, produced sympathetically to complement Chloe’s unique style and stunning voice. This EP will find its way into your collection or playlist.


Chloe is a breath of fresh air in a world of over produced music and her talent shines through.


Chloe has my vote for the voice of 2018, in the unsigned and emerging artists sector. Looking forward to seeing what Chloe can bring to 2019.




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