The Case Of Us release their explosive debut single "Under It All"

 Artwork taken from the lyric video by Ollie McCartney.


"Thank God it's Friday": the weekend is here, there's probably a cool gig happening somewhere tonight, and it's also the designated day for exciting new music releases! Today is no exception, with the online launch of The Case Of Us' much-anticipated first single "Under It All". Led by singer-songwriter Ebony Grace on lead vocals and keys, and featuring Joshua Thomas (Quiet Tiger) on bass, Conor Bradley on drums and Harrison Milton on guitar, the 4-piece is definitely imposing itself as one of the most interesting and underrated act on the local music scene. The musicians, who met at BIMM, are currently working on their debut album, experimenting with various side projects, and performing regularly in and around Brighton to a growing audience of enthusiastic fans.

"Under It All" is a perfect introduction to the band's unique sound, with its solid rythmic groove, cosmic synths and funky guitar riffs, led by playful and powerful vocals. Accompanied by a simple, but efficient music video where flashing primary colours and geometric shapes frame the lyrics (available here - warning: flashing images), the song defends individuality and creativity in the face of mundane or absurd everyday struggles. "I hit 'send' too soon again", laments Ebony Grace in the verses, where she describes an accumulation of paperwork and general information overload. The chorus, in contrast, explodes with affirmation and empowerment: "I'm an individual lifeforce, [...] I only speak my own thoughts".

Behind the catchy melody is a message that we can all relate to, as illustrated by the switch between "I" and "we" in the second part of the song ("I'm under it all/we're under it all"), creating a sense of belonging. The singer's strong dynamics, ranging from a whisper to a shout, make the lyrics even more impactful.

With "Under It All", The Case Of Us has undoubtedly created an impressive, fun and cathartic tune that merges elements of psychedelic funk, riot grrrl and spacey rock to reveal a unique style, clearly resulting from a broad horizon of musical influences ("prog meets grunge at a disco somewhere between the 60's and the year 3000" is their official description!) which really brings something new and fresh to the table.

Listen to the single here and follow the band on Facebook for gig updates. We can't wait to hear the rest of the album!

 Photo credit: Kat Pollu



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