Album review: Crushed By Pimps debut album

 I was incredibly excited to hear that some of the members from the fantastic Mr Susan reunited earlier this year to form altnernative-prog band Crushed By Pimps. Mr Susan were one of those bands that stood out from the crowd simply by just being them. In an interview with Dr. Bones they responded to the comment that they sounded really right with "Well, we all have beards..." which pretty much summed up their seemingly random yet completely aligned vision for the future of their music. 


The album is littered with short linking tracks featuring obscure quotes from various news sources. Messages about self improvement juxtaposed with with dissonant synth melodies, paint the picture of a narcissistic world of celebrity infatuation and a desperate desire to escape.


Quotes like "Fuck me mate, what's that cut with" and "I wake up in my house in North London and practice transcendental meditation..." add to the feeling of isolation and desperation the album portrays so brilliantly.

Musically there's a fusion of post-punk, prog rock, and electronic music all blended together to deliver upbeat repetitive melodies with dark underlying messages. For a debut album it really is quite exceptional!


Currently available on their bandcamp page as a free download (although we always recommend donating!) Crushed By Pimps self titled debut album is well worth a listen. I've had it on repeat for weeks now!


Get your free download here.




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