Q & A with The Alchemy

I recently caught up with Electro-Alternative band The Alchemy and chatted about their latest single, the video, and the band in general. Check out the full Q&A below...


Can you give those that don’t know the band some background?

Hey of course! We’re The Alchemy from Canterbury, Kent. UK. and we formed in late 2015 and is comprised of Myself, (Rhys Taylor) - vocals/ guitar. Luke Welch - Guitar, Alex Porro - Bass & Synths and Sam Ewen - Drums and Electronics.


We released our debut EP in April 2016. Titled Modern Age which was well received by UK Independent press, Radio and Music TV and it nicely laid the foundation for all our upcoming releases this year! 


You recently released a new single. It sounds an impassioned song – is there a back story to the lyrics?

Yeah we released “Give Me the Sky” on November 2nd! We’ve been inching to do so, and it feel amazing to finally have it out there and it’s opened to door back up for us the let all this new music out. I’m not really one to go into the meanings on my lyrics normally but the short of it “GMTS” was at the time of writing it my fiancé had a servere accident at the beginning of the year which left her with the inability to walk for a number of months which was terrifying. And the song is basically my way of saying:  this is a s*** time, and combining that with everyday news items talking about the exponential increase in climate change, divisive governments and even our country leaving the EU, it really compounded the feeling of real uncertainty in the future. 


So the song just says.. the future is uncertain but the way I feel is absolutely not, and as the chorus lyric reads “I can give you the ocean if you can give me the sky”. metaphorically voicing the lengths I was willing to go!


Where did you record the song?

So GMTS was recorded in a couple studios the bulk was recorded in our studio in Canterbury engineered by myself, and also at our producer Paul Matthews studio in Kingston,LND. Then finally we went to our friend Sebastian’s studio in Berlin, Germany to Mix and Master it.  


The video looks very impressive, where was that filmed? 

Thanks very much, We are super happy with it. We shot it in a damn beautiful part of North Wales called Talacre where the coastlines just go on and on. All the credit for the video has to go towards the brilliant team at LifeIsArtVisuals. They done an incredible job.


Did it take long? Any horror stories?

In regards to the video shoot, We left our studio at 3am and returned about 32 hours later without any sleep! haha we felt it the next day to say the least. 

But to be honest no horror story’s to be told we had it quite well. All our shots for the video happened at the end of the day during sunset and the burning sun. The rest of the team had to fight the every weather condition know to man that day so the hats go off to them.

But, Well,  we did have a traumatic experience in a McD’s on the way home at 4am with our food cravings being unobtainable but that’s another story.  


Are they your feet walking through the water? Bet it was freezing.

HELL NO! That water was like ice. The lads and Me watched from afar. shouting motivational words of encouragement to Daniel and Charlotte. It wasn’t the walking though the water shots the need mentioning haha. It’s the ocean scenes! Daniel and Charlotte along with Chris Porter who was diving under and over the waves with his camera. They both was stood in there for close to an hour shooting them scenes! They are Absolute Machines!   


It is been quite a while since your last release, is there any reason for that?

It has indeed our last release before GMTS was may 2016. It’s weird because all we have done since then is work our asses off every single week in our studio writing song’s, rehearsing for tours and recording. 

Granted we did have some set back for sure, for example my fience’s accident at the beginning of the year and also our producer Paul Matthews band I Am Giant had a 3 month world tour in the middle of recording process. But we’re flying past all that now and have so much ready to release!  


Do you have any plans for further releases?

Ahh man, F. O. R - S. U. R E. we have so much music and lots more coming up! We are super excited for 2019 !


I was at the gig at Black Heart in London where you supported ‘I am Giant’ it was an excellent night, do you have any memories from that night? 

(I fell over and hit my head – but, that’s another story)

Haha, I just remember our set was one of them shows that just goes so quickly. It was a walk on and blink its over moment. Was super fun.   


That night was brilliant, Bitter sweet though. We’ve been massive I Am Giant fans since we meet them when we 18, So it was sad to see them call it a day. They have been massive influences on us as a band. So was a absolute honour to support them on that final night.  


Do you have any live shows/tour planned?

So, We’re touring November between 13th and 18th, So we may have already done that or be doing that when this comes out, But after that we we next have a run of dates in February which we will be announcing soon. 




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