Review - The Return Of Zooberon 16th November The Latest Bar



Zooberon is back after 2 years at The Latest Bar in Brighton. It’s been missed from the Brighton grass roots music scene. With anticipation, the band line up was released, and Zooberon took to the stage again.


The Latest Bar is a great venue. Upstairs is light and ideal for meeting and chatting, plus is suited to the acoustic/unplugged bands. Downstairs provides the dark band venue all us musos recognise, with its pull into the world of electro live music and heavy guitars it’s a mosh pit. I personally love this venue with its friendly staff and chilled atmosphere.


We arrived, to the dulcet tones of Miguel Cosme and his acoustic guitar, joined by a female singer with a voice that made us all listen with admiration. Chilled, acoustic and a perfect start to an evening, the arriving crowd showed their appreciation.


Then downstairs to Honeybadger, and the sound of indie alternative rock, played with an energetic undercurrent of fuelled excitement. These guys showed the enthusiasm of any young band doing the live circuit and rocked the crowd into submission. To find these guys were all under 17 caused a real stir, their bravado was inspiring.


Time to join The Gallery’s upstairs with an indie set that filled the room with guitar supremacy. Missing the drummer who was at a graduation the guitarist (James Wood) and bassist (Craig Barden) harmonised their way through a seamless set. Interaction with the crowd caused raucous laughter as we were all encouraged to sing along. Lovely guys who stayed around to chat to fans and friends alike. Accomplished musicians, perfect harmonies and the love of performing for the crowd.


A little mingling and chat about what we had seen so far. Everyone enthused by the atmosphere and excited about the further three bands. Downstairs Light Brigade were getting ready to stun the crowd. Alternative with a capital A. Reminiscent of electro/indie/synth post punk with a sequencer and haunting vocals and lyrics to match. Mesmerising yet boys next door with an intriguing mix of past sounds and futuristic synths.


Upstairs Boudicca owned the stage with her feisty performance. A self-claimed urban drill artist it is a hip-hop and grime mixture at its best. The younger crowd flocked to the stage as Boudicca danced and drilled her way through modern street style hip-hop. Her presence on stage is enticing, and she gracefully pulled in the younger members with ease. Us oldies nodded with appreciation. All too soon the shouts of appreciation were over, and we headed down for the headline act.


Meta Cassette have made a return to the live gig’s scene as the Zooberon headliners. From the first touch of a guitar string the funk rock masters had us hooked. Chris Mace (Vocals/guitar), Nick Jackson (Guitar/vocals), Andy Jackson (Synth/vocals), Paul Bradley (Bass/vocals) and Charlie Gibbs (Drums/vocals). Heartfelt vocals and lyrics drew us further in and the band wove its magic as the crowd danced to the funk. By track 5 we all realised we were part of something special, the room was packed, the crowd were dancing, and we were all moving to the sound of Meta Cassette. It was definitely one of the those rare ‘I was there moments’ and will be remembered by everyone in the room, as the night Meta Cassette exploded back to the stage. It ended to soon, we wanted more, and we were rewarded with a last funk rock filled rendition, that got everyone back on their feet.


It wasn’t just the music. It was the venue, the atmosphere, the Zooberon maestro Mark Stack and the interlude podcast provided by The Premium Blend Radio Show. Mark’s attention to detail gave the night the professional feel of any major venue, with the freedom to mingle with band members who enjoyed the night’s entertainment as much as the crowd.


Zooberon is hosting another event at the Latest Music Bar on 28th November. Join in the party!

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