Tiger Lion at the Rialto



After seeing Tiger Lion play an acoustic set at the Alternative Escape a few years ago, I was really looking forward to hear the 'real deal' on a bigger stage on 11th November 2018. The formerly Brighton-based band opened for HALEY at the Rialto Theatre, along with Kacey Johansing, the headliner's supporting act on their current tour. 

'Prayers Against The Sun' welcomed me into the room with its spiritual and desertic atmosphere, followed by the mysterious vibes of 'In Darkness'. Unlike many bands of the dream-pop genre, Tiger Lion don't use effects to hide potential flaws or make up for a shy melody; instead, they weave together beautiful arrangements, where powerful, almost tribal-like drums and deep bass lines nicely complement singer Clémentine Blue's ethereal vocals, and add just the right amount of reverb, drones, guitar pedals and synth wizardry to make the whole thing shine. 



My favourite song remains 'The Moon Inside Me' (for fairly obvious reasons, if you are familiar with my own music), but I also really enjoyed the bouzouki on 'I Was Born Once' and the floating French vocals of the closing song, 'Black Sea', which is also the band's new single.

With a hypnotic atmosphere reminiscent of Melody's Echo Chamber and early Moodoïd, Tiger Lion put on a gorgeous show. The three musicians perform together with great chemistry, and Clémentine Blue's stage presence is warm and generous, yet modest and focused, with just the right amount of interaction and storytelling. My only regret is that they didn't have time to play a couple more songs!

Watch Tiger Lion's latest single 'Black Sea' via Youtube: 



Photo credits: cover picture by Aflredo de Juan / live gallery by Cess.

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