Headlights and White Lines news: A change in direction


This all started back in 2016 when we got fed up of seeing so called 'professionals' throw poorly thought out videos together in iMovie and charge bands hundreds of pounds for the privilege. With a background mainly in film editing Headlights and White Lines was formed as an independent creative collective aimed at supporting independent bands and artists with things like professional quality video, artwork, and help in developing their music marketing strategy.


Headlights and White Lines was formed as an independent creative collective aimed at supporting independent bands and artists with things like professional quality video, artwork, and support in developing their music marketing strategy.​


We'd always been involved in the independent music scene either in bands, as promoters, even trying to be band managers! So at first Headlights and White Lines was a natural evolution of what we'd been doing for years anyway, aimed at supporting an ever struggling local scene without ripping them off for personal gain.​


We worked on some interesting projects during these first few years - our favourites include: ​


  • a number of successful album and EP launches

  • a complete brand overhaul for an independent podcast to help increase their listener base

  • writing an EPK aimed at independent record labels that ultimately got the artist  a distribution deal

  • working collaboratively with loads of bands to put on a number of DIY live shows

  • and holding the first ever Off The Record Independent Music Festival (the 2nd is in 2 weeks - get tickets here!)​


In addition to the practical work we've always tried to add value through sharing knowledge, experience, and telling people about things we like. This is an area I'm passionate about and where I feel we can add real value to musicians and music fans alike, therefore as we approach 2019 decided to focus more on this side of things. Headlights and White Lines is being relaunched as a music zine and blog focusing on promoting independent music and arts everywhere.


This will start slowly. My job now is to try to grow the team so that we have capacity to produce regular, meaningful content including reviews, tips, Spotify playlists, and more. If you're interested in being part of something special please contact me via contact@headlightsandwhitelines.com.


Please note that all positions are voluntary for now, including mine (technically I make a loss as I pay web hosting fees). You will get free entry to any show we put on for being part of the team, and if we can monetize this one day we will - but not at the cost of the artists.​


Looking forward to the next adventure!​



​PS - We'll still do some of the old stuff, and the live shows will continue. 


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