The What, Why, and How of Music Networking

A recent worldwide study showed that leaders in business that leverage their network to take an organisation-wide perspective, increase revenue growth by up to 12%. In a way it’s obvious, the more people you connect with, support, and in turn learn from, the more likely you both are to be successful. My experience is that the same logic applies in music.


What is Music Networking?

Music Networking is most commonly defined as connecting and sharing information with, supporting, and in many cases befriending, people who are in some way part of the music scene. It happens at all levels within the music industry, and across business more widely.


Why is it so valuable?

Building your own personal network of musicians, bands, photographers, radio DJs, producers, promoters, studio and/or label owners etc is one of the most valuable activities you can pursue. In fact, I met the guys at Gigride through a music networking event, and now as you can see I’m a guest writer on their blog! The more you learn from other people the more likely you are to succeed in what you are doing. For example, if you’re in a band and you chat to another band about your experiences of the best places to print merchandise and why, you can both learn something from that conversation. Not only will you be connecting with people who can help and support you, your experience, knowledge, and skills are just as valuable to other people as theirs are to you – no matter what level you are currently operate at.


Sounds good, how do I do it?

A good friend of mine often comments that going up to strangers and saying hello is not a very British thing to do. But whether you’re networking online or face to face this is pretty much exactly what you need to do! Below are some of my favourite ways to connect with people online and face to face.



Facebook - Join as many relevant music groups on Facebook as possible and take part in the conversation, interaction is key here! I help behind the scenes on the Riff Taff Music Networking Group and would highly recommend that to start with.


Twitter – Find and follow as many music related people as possible, encourage others to follow you back, share relevant industry content as well as your own. And as above - join the conversation, try finding music related hashtags like #MusicHourUK and connecting with people there.


Atom Collector Records – Specifically for bands/music creators at the moment ACR allows you to upload your tracks and earn credits by listening to other people’s music. The chat function is a great way to connect with other musicians on the site, and it’s all free!


Gigride – It might seem obvious given that you’re on the GigRide website right now. But if you are a band looking for gigs or a venue looking for bands and you haven’t signed up yet you really should!


Face to face


Riff Taff – Riff Taff saw the huge potential in people related to the grassroots scene coming together and networking face to face. Now about to host their 15th free entry music networking event and with over 100 people attending the last one, Riff Taff continues to be a fantastic way to meet new people in the Music Industry.


Gigs – One of the best ways to meet people is to go out and see as many gigs as possible. Bring a few friends and some business cards, go out and remind yourself why it is you do what you do and what it is you love about it by watching some top quality live bands. Meeting music related people at gigs is inevitable.


There are literally hundreds of others, so whatever it is you do, introduce yourself to as many people as you can, stay focused, play nice, and remember to enjoy yourself!


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