A Tip For The Songwriters Out There

The hardest part of songwriting actually getting people to listen to your songs. It comes up in various forms, in multiple groups, all the time. I posted this in response to one yesterday and thought I'd share it here as well. I hope it's useful to some of you.


If you don't grip people instantly you lose them, potentially forever.


Our tip? Make the first 30 seconds awesome on at least 1 track that's around 3 minutes long and use it as your lead track. You'll see the difference instantly in people's engagement levels, and once they like one they'll give the others more time.


Below is an example. 1 in Five is a Hard Rock Blues band, but this is a kind of pop rock tune to get people hooked.


First 30 seconds - firstly each time the riff goes round in the intro something gets added until the vocal comes in at around 14 seconds. Just as you're waning a bit from the verse the pre comes in, and then the chorus. All in 30 seconds. By that point enough people are hooked that they keep listening. If they like it they'll listen to your other tracks and give them the time they deserve. That 6 minute mini-epic with the 90 second piano intro doesn't seem so bad if you've already enjoyed listening to another track by that artist


In this case the whole song is actually only 2.22 so it's perfect for radio play, and it works. Despite the short time there's a guitar solo, a middle 8 for dynamics, a stop later on, and even a double chorus at the end! People listen, they like, they download the music, buy t-shirts, come to gigs etc. The band has also been played on over 250 radio stations worldwide, and had loads of great reviews.


So next time you feel like your band would go further if you could just get more people to listen to a song try it, and let us know how it goes x

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