3 Reasons Bands Should Have Business Cards

I was lucky enough to attend the Riff Taff Music Networking nights in Brighton this week and it occurred to me just how important business cards still are. If you think about it logically they should be redundant, deemed irrelevant by the digital world. Yet they're not. Below are 3 reasons we think every band should have well designed business cards, if you'd like us to design business cards, merchandise etc head over to the Contact page and send us a message.


1. Personal connection

Facebook etc is great, it serves a purpose and can help you reach hundreds and even thousands of people through good marketing. But it doesn't replace the personal connection you make with someone when you meet face to face. Next time you meet someone at a gig don't just text them the bands Facebook page, have a chat and give them a business card. They'll remember meeting you every time they see that card, that memory is your own unique personal connection. Next time they see online that you've released a new video/EP/tour dates etc they'll remember meeting you and are much more likely to engage. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a person to someone!



2. Brand, brand, brand

Your business card is a great opportunity to show off your bands personality. Good branding is all about creating a personality. Your logo, colour palette, choice of tagline etc all give you an opportunity to let someone know exactly who you are and what you're about in a few short seconds. We talk a lot about brand, and really the key theme is consistency. If you're business card matches your website, social media accounts, stage branding etc it re-enforces who you are and helps your audience familarise themselves with you.  



3. Professionalism 

You have a couple of minutes maximum to make a good impression on someone after a gig or at a networking night, It's easy to lose people's attention or for them to get distracted, so you need to get to the point and look professional. If you struggle to describe your band in 5 words of less a business card will force you to do just that. Whilst you may think that waffly descriptions of your post punk funky jazz clarinet trio show your diversity in reality they are confusing. Giving someone a business card with a few short keywords and a link to find out more opens the door, later on when they have more time they'll walk in.



I know it's a bit Buzzfeed-y but everyone likes a bonus right? if you really want to stand out try handing out badges and/or plectrum with your business card. They're cheap to make and enforce everything above even more than just the card on it's own!

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