Welcome to the #4MinuteFilmClub

We LOVE music videos! In fact some of you who have followed us for a number of years will know that Lights And Lines started out editing music videos, before we moved into other musical things.

After the success of last week's Awen Veleda & The Wandering Lights Premiere on YouTube where a group of us got together and watched the video together for the first time, we thought - why not make this a thing...

And as we're people of action we're pleased to introduce the #4MinuteFilmClub!

The idea is simple

  • Bands submit music videos

  • We pick one each week and everyone watches it together on a Wednesday evening.

  • We talk about it here, on social media, and comment on the video to support the artists

  • Use the hashtag #4MinuteFilmClub so we can join the conversations up

Starting tonight...

With no time to waste lets get to it straight away... Given that no-one has had time to submit a video yet we've got another Awen Veleda Exclusive Premiere for you to get things going.

Click the link below to head over to the video page and set a reminder - We'll see you there tonight!

Submit your video

If you're in a band and would like to submit your video please send us a link via the contact page on this website and put #4MinuteFilmClub in the subject.