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Torrid (A Love Affair) - Poems From Mars [Album]

Poems From Mars is the debut album from Brighton based heavy grunge band Torrid (A Love Affair).

The upcoming debut album by Torrid (A Love Affair) features 11 huge rock anthems that blend grungey guitars and a hard hitting rhythm section with soulful lead vocals.

This collection of tracks is an exploration of relationships - with partners, parents, even ourselves. The band wanted to represent all aspects of life within this musical soundscape from their careers and relationships, to their abilities and disabilities, and their ridiculous sense of humour! Most importantly the album serves to ensure a message of emotional strength and resilience, that despite life's challenges we still have each other. And you!

Each track has its own beautiful unique artwork created by local artists and available to download with every Bandcamp purchase. These amazing images are also printed in the full colour 8 page CD Booklet, along with lyrics.

With Grunge and Stoner rock influences such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Deftones, and Alice In Chains, Poems From Mars features heavy, and hook filled songs that are punctuated with 3 part harmonies and packed full of emotive, semi-autobiographical themes.

Lyrically, Poems From Mars looks at the way people love, hate, and see themselves and others, covering topics such as personal relationships, bullying, and self-reflection.

The album is currently available to pre-order on CD and/or Digital Download on Bandcamp before it's official release on 25th Feb. The band will be playing 2 live shows to support the album launch on 19th Feb at The Birds Nest (London), and 20th Feb at The Prince Albert (Brighton).

Good Enough

Lead single Good Enough was released worldwide in November 2021 and subsequently played on a variety of internet and FM radio stations worldwide. It's growing popularity lead to the video receiving nearly 18,000 views (and counting!)


The band came together following a chance meeting at a gig in 2019 became the catalyst lifelong Singer / Songwriter Sarah and guitarist Adam needed to start a post-grunge, prog rock influenced powerhouse of a band! Lead singer SJ Delangri recently told us:

"I was terrified and desperate to show someone my song ideas! Ads listened in his discerning way that makes me nervous every time, and immediately came up with riffs, harmonies and outros. It just felt meant to be! Once Lorna and Will joined us, the sound I'd had in my head became a glorious reality.
Being able to make meaningful songs that have this epic sound is honestly a dream come true! And with the support of Lights And Lines we can't wait to show the world what we do."

All The Bad Men

The latest Single, All The Bad Men, released just in time for Valentines day is a big heavy tune fuelled by a MASSIVE guitar sound, an almost tribal sounding rhythm section, and SJ Delangri's incredible lead vocals sitting right on top of the mix for that added personal touch!

Dog lovers may also appreciate the appearance of bass player Syd's Guide Dog, Mac, at the beginning of the album version of this song.

Speaking about the track SJ says:

"This Deftones-infused track was originally inspired by experiences of toxic and polysemous relationships. However, as it blossomed it grew into a wider, more political anger and frustration towards the patriarchy, which is reflected in the upcoming video..."

And our friends at JJS News World Services wrote to say they loved the track, describing it as

"Equal parts grungy and melodic, with heavy riffs and fantastic vocals. Reminiscent of rock legends Heart."

Finally, check out Wilde Magazine's short interview with the band shortly after their Off The Record set in November below - and enjoy the album!

Remember - the best way to get some Torrid (A Love Affair) into your life, as well as all of the other fantastic Lights And Lines releases in 2022 is to grab yourself a subscription to the label here.

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