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Lights & Lines // Twice As High Records

We're delighted to announce that we'll be working with Twice As High Records as their European distributor for some very limited edition 7" singles!

We're really pleased to be working with our friends at Twice As High Records to offer these 2 amazing - and limited edition 7" singles to you. TAH has a very similar ethos, outlook on the world, and love of music as us making this a very special partnership indeed.

As well as being able to offer better reach we're also hoping to save some postage pain here for music fans in the UK and Europe. Anyone who has every tried to order records from across the pond (either way) will know the pain of waiting for the postage cost to load and the inevitable disappointment when it does and you realise it costs more than the record... By distributing TAH's records over here we are aiming to relieve that pain so you can just get on with enjoying the music!

If you have chosen one of the 12 month subscription options on the Lights & Lines Crowdfund you'll get 1 of these records as a bonus on the sub assuming we hit the target (we'll be in touch so you can choose which record you want). We're so close to our target now we simply HAVE to get there - if you haven't signed up now is the time! Click here for more details.

The remaining copies will be available for sale in our online store when it launches later in June.

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