It's been one hell of a ride so far...

Welcome to our new look website, and welcome to a brand new era in the history of Lights And Lines. For those of you who don't know, we've been on a bit of a journey over the last few years. Originally born out of a longstanding love of independent music and involvement in the scene, in recent years we've moved from our roots as a video and marketing team, to a zine, and finally a music collective and independent record label.

Want to know more? Here's a brief history of Lights and Lines.

2016 - the beginning

  • Fed up of seeing local bands get ripped off by crap videographers who couldn’t edit film properly we started out as a video editing and later a social media marketing group, supporting local musicians without ripping them off.

  • We called ourselves Headlights And White Lines - taken from a lyric in a Levellers song.

  • 2016 was also the first time we teamed up with Riff Taff Music Networking to support their fantastic free entry networking events for independent musicians to meet peers and people in the industry to help each other out.

  • And towards the back end of the year and into 2017 we put together the release campaigns for the 1 in Five EP ‘Evolve’, and Juxta’s 2nd album ‘Welcome To Your Life’. Both of these included artwork, videos, press, PR, and more...

2017 - a busy year for festivals!

  • We ran the first ever Off The Record - Independent Music Festival in Brighton and started to put on more shows every now and again.

  • In the same year we joined the Sussex Music Festival Crew offering some Sales and Marketing support, and supported the marketing strategy for the Sounds 4 Hounds festival hosted by our friends at Riff Taff.

  • Mike also teamed up with Dr. Bones and became a co-host on the fantastic New Music Saturday podcast in 2017 which continues to this day!

2018/19 - trying something new

  • Moving away from video editing and marketing and figuring we’d been involved in the independent music scene in 1 way or another for over 15 years and had plenty of opinions about it we thought we’d experiment - Headlights and White Lines became an e-zine collective shouting about cool music and art stuff we found and liked.

  • We started to build a team of writers and publish regular content including reviews, tips for bands, and cool art stuff we stumbled across.

  • In this period we posted literally hundreds of articles, reviews, gig reports and more. But to be honest the zine wasn’t really us. It was great in theory but it became more of a review site and subsequently a hell of a lot of hard work to maintain and curate effectively.

  • Alongside the zine Off The Record had it's biggest and busiest show ever in 2019 featuring 22 bands across 2 stages, with support from our friends at The Premium Blend Radio Show

2020 - Lights And Lines

  • Keen to maintain the personal connection and build on the idea of curation that has made Off The Record so successful for over 3 years now we’re now figuring out how we become a record label whilst remaining a collective.

  • Although the website URL is the same, we’ve also shortened our name to Lights and Lines given that most people call us that anyway!

  • Right now we're doing lots of work in the background setting up and planning a cool 2020 launch - watch this space for more!


We have worked on loads of interesting projects during these first few years - some of our favourites include: ​

  • Supporting lots of successful album and EP launches

  • A complete brand overhaul for an independent podcast

  • Loads of cool video editing and album artwork projects

  • Writing an EPK aimed at independent record labels that ultimately got the artist a distribution deal

  • Putting on some amazing DIY live shows, including curating the incredible Off The Record - Independent Music Festival since 2017.

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