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GRIM17 on Something For The Weekend?

Digital Throw Up Parts 1 + 2 featured on London Peaky's Something For The Weekend feature.

Former Guardian Media Group editor and broadcast journalist Mike Bradley had plenty of nice things to say about GRIM17's album Digital Throw Up Parts 1 + 2 on his London Peaky blog recently.

Describing the album as 'confident' and 'polished' Mike asked GRIM17 about his influences, and the answer might surprise you...

“Some of my influences would be, Tom Waits, The Blade Runner Soundtrack, Now That’s What I Call Music! 29, and the theme tune from ‘Dogtanian, and the Three Muskehounds,”

Digital Throw Up is a 2 part album of epic proportions that captures the past and throws it into the future. A collection of past grievances retold alongside new tales told for the first time, the album includes nods from GRIM17 to a variety of Electro, Alternative, Folk, and Industrial influences whilst maintaining his own unquestionable independence and individual style.

You can read the full interview on the London Peaky blog, an don't forget to check out the album on our Bandcamp page here.

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