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Black Lives Matter

I just wanted to write a quick blog acknowledging what is happening in America right now, and of course elsewhere in the world.

I suppose the overall point of this is to add another voice to the #BlackLivesMatter movement and echo the call to end systemic racism, hatred, and violence towards black people. But there is also a confessional element here too that I feel needs addressing.

As a British (slightly Irish) white man who was brought up to treat everyone with the same respect as each other I have gone through most of my life thinking I am doing the right things and in many ways doing the wrong things. I realise that I am extremely privileged - I've always believed its stupid to judge anyone based on the colour of their skin, but that's easy because I've also have never had to worry about it happening to me.

Its been easy for me to say things like "I don't see colour" in the past. And whilst I truly mean it in the sense that I can't even begin to fathom why you would judge someone on anything at all based on the colour of their skin - recent events have helped me realise that this actually doesn't help when systemic injustice is so rife across the world.

I was really wary about writing all of this. In fact I've written this and deleted it about 6 times. Maybe a bit because I didn't want to admit that I'd got things wrong. Or perhaps I didn't want to be seen to wade in on a 'Black' issue with another white voice. It even crossed my mind that people might think I was using it as an opportunity to produce 'content'.

But the truth I think is this. When you hear stories of state sanctioned brutality, worldwide protests, and young Black kids asking their parents if they're going to become slaves again, you start to realise that however disconnected you feel from something at first its usually better to use the voice you have than not.

So this is me just acknowledging, listening to, and learning from the #BlackLivesMatter movement. I am with you.

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