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I sneaked out at the age of 14 to see my first live gig and travelled all the way to Brighton, then got grounded for a lifetime. I still have a love of grass roots and new music preferably the darker and harder the better.


Having met Stuart in 2017 I joined The Premium Blend Radio Show team and have the envious job of meeting the bands and joining the studio. 


At Off The Record 2018 I was asked to do a review and the rest is history. I now write reviews under the guise Pebbles Reviews, that are shared through The Premium Blend Radio Show website.


Off The Record 2019 moved into another bracket for us at The Premium Blend Radio Show as we took on running the 2nd festival stage - it was hard work bu a huge success, and we loved every minute of it! 


So this year we're back and I'll be down at the newly named Stylus Stage helping things run smoothly and trying to make sure Stuart doesn't get too drunk...  make sure come and say hello!

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