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Kate is a realist painter and mother of two who has recently been selected to be part of the Royal Society Of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition 2021 and is currently exhibiting a number of paintings at Project Gallery 90 in Sydney, Australia. Kate's work outlines the dialogue between her and the world, representing her own little slice of truth within it. ​

You will mostly find Kate on the merch stand at this year's Off The Record, encouraging you to support all of the amazing bands by buying some of their stuff! 

Despite being married to the organizer this is the first year Kate has been roped into being part of the official ROAD CREW, to which she responded:

"Off The Record is a time consuming bastard that takes my husband away from housework and childcare. By rights it should burn to the ground but some other fucker will only fill its place so if you can't beat them, join them!"

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