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Gozer Goodspeed's songwriting is unique - he tells tales of fortune, hope, sadness, and loss in a way that feels entirely his own, and yet wholly relatable to everyone.


Weaving elements of folk, blues, rock and psychedelia together across an impressive back catalogue of EPs and albums, Gozer is no stranger to making music characterised by the way it makes you feel, rather than the category you put it into.

Gozer's first release on Lights And Lines Ghosts of the Future & Past (Cat LAL-001) recontextualises his incredible back catalogue for listeners, and introduces some brand new, never-before-released tracks at the same time. This collection has been lovingly put together to introduce you to an artist with an extraordinary voice, a deep love of folk music and storytelling, and a strong affinity for the sounds of the blues.

The album is out now on Bandcamp, available as a beautiful CD Digipak and/or Digital Download. You can also stream it in all the usual places. 

Listen to The Inner Sleeve podcast - digital liner notes for the Ghosts album, here

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With Ghosts, listeners can deep-dive into Gozer’s back catalogue and immerse themselves in a selection of remastered tracks from all 5 of his recorded releases to date, discovering some ultra rare and previously unheard songs along the way. This is emphatically not a ‘best of’, but rather a carefully curated selection of songs that highlight the artist's unique verve and versatility.


Highlights from this unique 17 song collection include the previously unreleased Charlatans and Hypnotists - a pivotal pre-Gozer song that helped develop him into the artist we know today; a live bootleg version of The Killjoy Bulletin, a popular mainstay in Gozer’s live show that he has never recorded in the studio; a brand new remix of 2019’s Gamblers Last Day by Chris Love from Whistlewood Studios; and Now’s Not The Time To Lay Low, an unreleased acoustic demo version of a track from a brand new Gozer Goodspeed album expected to be released in 2022!

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Gambler's Last Day

Lead single Gambler's Last Day has proven to be a popular hit thanks to it's sing-along chorus and catchy guitar refrain. The song was so popular in fact that we recently ran a cover's competition across the independent music community - take a listen to all the entries here.
Check out the lyric video for Gambler's Last Day below.

What the press are saying

"...a mammoth work... most impressive ...a fine way to provide an introduction to a talented artist you might not have heard before" 

Fatea Magazine

“With a bagful of wild riffs, Gozer Goodspeed has magicked up a style of modern Blues that feels evocatively now…”

- The PRSD

“Gozer Goodspeed has already amassed an incredibly diverse, authentic and impressive back catalogue which I would urge you to dive in to and roll around like a lottery winner on a bed of £20 notes.”

- Listen With Monger

“Running straight through the middle of the whole set is the consistency of Goodspeed’s writing, which when paired with his commanding guitar-work and willingness to go wherever a song takes him, proves somewhat impossible to resist.”

- I Said Yeah

"Embrace the Blues, enjoy the Folk, and be driven away by Gozer Goodspeed's sonic story-telling."

- Mangorave

...he assembles his music in a way that is not only hard to pigeonhole but a sound that is his own."
- Indie Band Guru
"Cherry picking from the EP’s and album released so far can sometimes be hard work, but this collection really does highlight every aspect of Gozers career and his versatility and panache as both a songwriter and performer..."

- The Spirit Of Progressive Rock

Gozer CD.jpeg