Engram takes classic 90s influences from bands like Oasis and Stone Temple Pilots, puts them on steroids, adds a dose of 60s psychedelia for good measure, and blends in elements of funk, rock, jazz, and metal. 

Their songs cover a range of subjects in their music including, introspection, social commentary, and relationships.


After moving to Brighton in 2018, the founding members filled the gaps in their project with some of the best musicians in town. Since then they haven't stopped working on new music and improving their live sets in practice and performance.


Despite 2020 putting a stop to their ability to practice together Engram continued continued collaborating in their own space, leading to the campaign for the release of the single High in 2021, which exercised techniques such as covers, puzzles, and new merchandise to promote a new fan base.


With things finally looking like they're returning to normal 2021 brings Engram another opportunity to bring back rock into the mainstream.

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