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Catching Mangoes are a three-piece rock band, George, Max and Dan, based in Brighton. After forming in 2016, they played relentlessly around the UK before recently recording their debut album Kevin’s Town.


The album follows the tale of a young boy named Kevin on his adventures, escaping his home town in search of the truth about himself and his fellow townsfolk. In trying to figure out the mystery surrounding his long-lost father, Kevin comes to realise that only he can save his town from a terrible fate.


Forged in the creative hub that is Forest Row, Catching Mangoes have quickly grown themselves a little cult following that tracks them tirelessly around the London and Brighton circuit, and why not? With influences from Babe Rainbow to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, their eclectic mix of musical tastes sing through each song, giving the band a varied makeup that is refreshingly hard to come by.


“1963 is loaded with feel-good indie rock that is timeless. Electric guitars dance alongside driving basslines and pounding drums to bring nostalgia to the forefront of your minds. This song really explodes in the choruses, and the sound becomes irresistible. You’ll be sat with a nice big smile on your face through the whole track.” - God Bless the Bands